Gas Card Winners List - Congratulations to all our winners!

Master Vince Sperduto, 7th Dan

A big "THANK YOU!" to all those who participated in our $50 Sunoco Gas Card Giveaway. Your generosity will help a young student, Joseph Frushon pay for the high medical costs associated with chemotheraphy treatment for his recently diagnosed bone cancer. We appreciate your support, as does Joey and his family.

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Date Ticket Winner Seller
May 1 113 Butch Loux Mary Lyons
May 2 086 Sarah Daris The Sipskys
May 3 221 Mary Richmond Mary Richmond
May 4 429 Marie Heckman Amelia Lawrence
May 5 269 Cynthia Tressler The Galushes
May 6 120 Jerry S. The Heights
May 7 118 Nikki Height Bill Height
May 8 216 Rose Sachs Leneah Davis
May 9 303 Vincent Jula Nicholas Jula
May 10 025 Sandy Harper Pete Shelp
May 11 493 Sherri Yelen The Lombardos
May 12 040 Tom Drazdowski Tom Drazdowski
May 13 494 Diane Lauer The Lombardos
May 14 346 Cathy Jackson Matthew Jesse
May 15 283 M. Dwinchick Zach Woltash
May 16 019 Sue Whitesell Pete Shelp
May 17 491 Sandie DeAngelis Ian Deangelis
May 18 082 Heather McCoog Master Vince
May 19 436 Bob Drago Austin Cain
May 20 339 Joe Folck Angie Lombardo
May 21 062 Dan Frascella Master Pete
May 22 397 Anna Yakushin The Yakashins
May 23 067 Vince Sperduto Master Vince
May 24 195 Lisa Woodworth Master Vince
May 25 037 Laymie Ayre Tom Drazdowski
May 26 058 Charles Umphred Master Pete
May 27 184 Joseph Frushon Joseph Frushon
May 28 136 Kathy Dwyer
May 29
May 30
May 31

Thanks again!

Your support will help a young

martial artist have a fighting chance

against bone cancer.

Watch a demo video here!

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